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For Seniors, chronically poor nutrition can lead to weakness, falls, malnutrition, and susceptibility to illness.

Sometimes the stakes are even higher: it can mean more visits to the hospital, a permanent move to a care facility, or worse. And far from being a remote possibility, the risk of poor nutrition is a reality for one out of three Canadian seniors.

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so excited about the new Health Food Store in Rosthern! I don’t have to drive to the city to get quality products anymore!Deb P.
Just picked up some more Saskatchewan-raised steelhead trout. Your market is a great addition to Rosthern!Rebecca K.
We loved the provincially sourced bison sausage and red lentils! Great little shop you've got!Janice R.
I am excited to go on my Friday coffee date with Lisa O. to Good Habits Market/Cafe today! This place is yet another slice of heaven here in the wonderful town of Rosthern.Heather G.
A great spot to enjoy my Saturday morning coffee and read the newspaper!Ed B.
Very glad to have this exceptional market in our wonderful little town. Really appreciate the good advice, and helpful (healthy) products.Marianne F.



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